Hi there and thanks for finding your way to this page about me.


I have been a Christian for over thirty years. Looking back I think I have spent most of that time existing in some sort of  spiritual coma, technically alive but not much really going on in there. While I have attended church, and tried to live out the Christian life, if I’m really honest, it’s fallen a long way short of  living as the salt of the earth and light of the world that Christ intended (Matthew 5 13-16).

How is it that I can be knocked sideways by the Holy Spirit on a Sunday and then be scared to say grace at my own dining room table in front of a friend the very next day?  I am also tired of the lie that serving God revolves around engaging in church based activities in my spare time, rather than using the opportunities and relationships He has already placed me in throughout the week, at work, home, with friends and family.

So this blog represents my attempt, in God’s strength and by His incredible grace to live it out every day, or at least to try to. I’d love your company on this journey. I know I will need all the help I can get!

I should probably also tell you that I am a single mum of three adult / teenage kids – one currently at University the other two still living at home with our  cat, our fish and me. Professionally I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist as well as a Family Therapist and have worked in the NHS in England and Wales for the past 23 years. I get to lecture occasionally on a number of university courses and have worked as a Consultant Tutor for an independent Psychological Training and Consultancy organisation for over ten years.

In my spare time I love to walk in my local countryside, read, go to the cinema, and, still to my own amazement, to write. I am also an active member and leader of my local Elim Church.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. How amazing that you have taken a step today to get out of your comfort zone! Go you! You have so much incredible potential on the inside and I for one, after reading your first blog (which made me think a lot!), am very glad you are sharing this with the world! God has put gifts and talents in you that you probably don’t know anything about. Don’t be afraid to let them shine! I look forward to the next blog..!


  2. We’d like to encourage you to keep blogging. You’ll have lots to say that others will appreciate and learn from. Great to get that light shining out there 🙂 GB.


  3. What a breath of fresh air! Honest. Direct. Actually saying things as they really are. Your writing shines light into the darkest of places Clare, introducing not just the essence of hope, but the actual way for a lost and drowning individual to find that hope for themselves. What a privilege to journey with you as you blog. Bless you x


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